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Low-temperature shaping and toning treatment
For localised refining and firming (legs, thighs, abdomen, hips and also arms).


Cryotherapy (application of the cold) causes a localised reduction in temperature of 6° to 8°C. As the body re-warms, it triggers a heating reaction, which leads to a major localised consumption of calories. Cryolotion has the advantage of firming and toning the skin while at the same time improving the figure.



Extracts of Horse Chestnut, Rosemary and Ivy:
Promote draining and relieve congestion

Extract of Cola, Caffeine:
Promote the release of accumulated fat

Extracts of Marine Algae: Rich in minerals (chlorine, bromine, iodine, magnesium, silicon, sodium)
Highly appreciated for its mineralising and slimming properties

Camphor, Menthol:
The refrigerating effect is obtained by the evaporation of alcohol and the presence of camphor and menthol
Decongesting and draining




1. The cooling action helps to reduce swelling and vascular problems.
2. Stimulates the metabolism of fat and removes fluid retention.
The skin will look smoother and appear firmer.


As part of treatment series: Twice a week
For maintenance: Twice a month
At home
Daily care: Cryogel


Mix 50 ml of Cryolotion with 150 ml of cool water

Soak bandages in the solution and wring out excess liquid

Wrap thighs and hips

Leave to act for 45 minutes

End treatment by a massage with the Cryogel

The client should not shower or sunbathe
for 2 hours after the treatment

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