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Draining and detoxifying body treatment
Reactivates the vital energy of the body.
Slimming and draining: The association of a draining massage and high performance active ingredients.
Relaxing: The use of natural essential oils has a relaxing effect and relieves stress.


An excellent draining and detoxifying body treatment to be used on its own or in combination with slimming treatments.
The Lympha Lotion body wrap is specially recommended as an alternative to manual lymphatic drainage to prepare the body for slimming and to drain toxins that accumulate during intensive treatments.



Aloe Vera: depurative (cleanses the blood)
Algae: stimulating and decongestive
Mallow: anti-inflammatory
Juniper: stimulating and depurative
Eucalyptus: anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory
Cinnamon: toning
Rosemary: draining and decongestive
Thyme: antiseptic, vasodilatory
Mint: anti-inflammatory, stimulating
Cypress: nervous system regulator, circulatory tonic
Camphor: stimulating




A booster treatment: Prepares the body for slimming.
An intensive draining action:
Promotes the elimination of toxins and excess water.
A relaxing effect: Gives a pleasant sensation, relaxes the body and takes away stress.


As part of treatment series: Once a week.
For maintenance: Once a month
At home
Daily care: Sveltex Gel, Firming Lotion


Perform a peeling with
the Body Peel

Pour 50 – 70 ml of Lympha Lotion in a bowl

Apply lotion on the body

Wrap with a plastic sheet
for 30 minutes

End treatment with a massage using a light massage oil

The client should not shower or sunbathe
for 2 hours after the treatment

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